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Research Team
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Zoonosis of Natural Foci Division

The isolation and epidemiological surveillance techniques are developed to detect the pathogen/antibody for diseases on wild animals and pet. The biological characteristics and cross-species transmission mechanisms of zoonosis are focused on reovirus, and parvovirus etc. The molecular mechanisms of infection and immunity are related to reovirus calicivirus and pasteurella multocida. The prevention and control strategies of natural foci zoonosis and pet disease are developed.

  Liandong Qu, DVM, Professor

E-mail: quliandong@caas.cn

 Professional major:

The studies focus on epidemiology, pathogenicity, and immunology of natural infectious zoonosis, including paramyxovirus, calicivirus, reovirus, parvovirus, campylobacter jejuni, pasteurella multocida and other causative agents from canine, feline, rabbit, et, al. Isolation and epidemiological surveillance techniques are developed to the pathogen/antibody for diseases on wild animals and entomophilous creatures. Several technology platforms are applicable, including interactions between pathogens and hosts, reverse genetics, bacteria mutants, and vector-viral vaccine. Transmission mechanisms across species of zoonosis get preferable progresses, such as paramyxovirus, parvovirus, and so on..


  Academic Education:

  2002 – 2006: PhD (Preventive Veterinary Medical) Nanjing Agricultural University, China 

  1988 – 1991: MSc (Veterinarian pathology) North-East Agriculture University, China

  1983 – 1988: BSc (Veterinary Medicine) North-East Agriculture University, China


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