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Harbin Weike Biotechnology Development Company

Harbin Weike Biotechnology Development Company Introduction

Harbin Weike Biotechnology Development Company  is a state-owned enterprise subordinated to Harbin Veterinary Research Institute (HVRI), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). Oriented by knowledge innovation, HVRI is a national professional research institute specializing in livestock and poultry industry infectious disease control research, undertakes key technology projects of animal infectious disease prevention according to the national strategic demands and international scientific development edge, and solves the key technological problems, driving the development and progress of animal epidemic disease prevention theory and technology. It is a national veterinary medicine knowledge innovation base with great influence, distinctive advantages and features. Over the years, HVRI obtained over 300 technology achievement, including two First Prizes and two Second Prizes of National Invention, one First Prize and three Second Prizes of National Technology Progress, reaching the international advanced level of over 50 research achievements. Over 140 vaccines and diagnostic reagents are directly applied in animal disease prevention. Among the great engineering and technological achievements in the 20th century selected by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, all four great achievements in veterinary medicine (EIAV donkey leucocyte attenuated vaccine, attenuated lapinized hog cholera virus vaccine, rindpest attenuated ovinized and caprined vaccine for cattle, bovine pleuropneumonia attenuated lapinized vaccine) were developed by HVRI. Recently, HVRI has played a very important role in the fight against SARS and avian influenza, and has made a great contribution to the study of prevention and control of animal infectious diseases and zoonosis.
Founded in 1992, Weike Biotechnology is a high-tech entity with independent legal entity qualification engaged in the R&D, production, sales, technology consultation and service of biological for animal disease control. Aiming at the great animal disease prevention and cure demands, Weike Biotechnology developed high-efficiency, practical, leading standard biological products for animals in the world, providing supporting technology solutions for animal products industrialization development, solving key GMP production technology problems and focusing on the incubation, transformation, and promotion assign of HVRI’s achievements.
Sventy percent of employees endow with college degree or above, including 8 ones with senior-intermediate titles, 13 ones with vice senior tile, 29 ones with master degree or doctor degree. The personnel with senior-intermediate titles mostly are the important finishers of the great achievements of HVRI. 
In 2003, Weike Biotechnology passed the acceptance check of GMP (3 production lines) and became the first batch of biological product enterprises of GMP dynamic acceptance check. In 2005, its 2 production lines passed the acceptance check of GMP. 
Weike Biotechnology’s new resite was completed in 2008 and passed the GMP acceptance check of animal biological products of Ministry of Agriculture in July 2009. Located in Centralization District, Haping Road, Economic Technology Development Zone, the southern of Harbin (known as the most important trading city in Northeast China), the new resite with investment of RMB over 400 million, an area of about 114,000 m2 and a building area of 62,000 m2, is equipped with 17 production lines and mainly imports major high-automation and advanced equipment. Besides, it also has ancillary facilities, such as national avian influenza antigen reservoir, quality inspection, R&D, animal experiment, SPF fowl feeding, 3-D warehousing, sewage treatment, and gas power station. 
In 2010, Weike passed the certifications of IS09001:2008, IS014001:2004, and GB/T28001:2001.
With the approval of National Development and Reform Committee, National High-tech Industrialization Model Base of Animal Biological Products and Harbin Biological Industry & National High-tech Industrialization Base led by Weike Biotechnology were established in 2008. On the basis of good running of Heilongjiang Harbin Animal Biological Product Engineering Technology R&D Center, National Animal Biological Product Engineering Technology R&D Center with the approval of NDRC is under construction. 
Weike Biotechnology is an appointed avian influenza vaccines manufacturer and technology supporting unit of Ministry of Agriculture and the only domestic manufacturer of avian influenza vaccines. 
Weike Biotechnology currently produces over 40 categories, including “avian influenza vaccines”, “Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Vaccine”, “Transmissible Gastroenteritis and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Vaccine”, “Pseudorabies Vaccine”, and “Swine Fever” reaching the domestic and world’s leading level in quality. 
The “HVRI” vaccine was evaluated as “China First-choice Brand in Veterinary Medicine Market” and “China Most Influential Brand of Animal Husbandry” and Weike Biotechnology was honored as “China Top 10 Manufacturers of Animal Biological Products”. 
Avian influenza vaccines of many generations produced by Weike Biotechnology has been widely applied in the prevention and control of avian influenza and solved the effective immune problems in respect to different avian species, making great contribution for the prevention and control of avian influenza in China. At present, Weike avian influenza vaccines has been widely used in Vietnam, Mongolia, Egypt, Indonesia, North Korea, Nigeria, etc. 
In the HVRI spirit of “United, Dedicated, Pragmatic, Innovative” and the business concept of “Innovation Driven, Quality Based, Credit Oriented”, Weike Biotechnology serve the animal husbandry at a high starting point and make efforts to build a “domestically leading and internationally first-class” veterinary biological products enterprise by taking animal health and animal food safety protection as our tenet and cutting-edge veterinary biological products technology tracking as our objective. To protect animal health and demonstrate strength with science and technology, Weike Biotechnology sincerely hopes to cooperate with all fellow members at home and abroad for common development.

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