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Research Progress
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Neuropilin-1 facilitates pseudorabies virus replication and viral glycoprotein B promotes its degradation in a furin-dependent manner  
Emergence and prevalence of naturally occurring lower virulent African swine fever viruses in domestic pigs in China in 2020  
A New Mechanism for Feline Calicivirus Evading Host Antiviral Innate Immunity  
Selective Usage of ANP32 Proteins by Influenza B Virus Polymerase: Implications in Determination of Host Range  
[Xinhua]China Focus:Chinese study unlocks clues to fight African swine fever  
Evolution from covalent conjugation to non-covalent interaction in the ubiquitin-like ATG12 system  
Frontier Scientific Breakthroughs in 2018  
The Research Team of Equine Infectious Diseases and Lentivirus Infection Found that Mice Transgenic for Equine Cyclin T1 and ELR1 are Susceptible to Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Infection  
Novel Cellular Attachment Receptor for Classical Swine Fever Virus was discovered  
The research team on animal influenza prevention and control published a review article in Trends in Biotechnology  
The Research team of fundamental immunology found a novel antiviral mechanism against HIV  
The team of Swine Digestive System Infectious Diseases discover a new mechanism as a disintegrin and metalloprotease regulates PRRSV infection  
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