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Publications from January to March in 2015  
Publications in 2014  
Incorporation of Conserved Nucleoprotein into Influenza Virus-Like Particles Could Provoke a Broad Protective Immune Response in BALB/c Mice and Chickens.  
Rovac is the possible ancestor of the Russian lapinized vaccines LK-VNIVViM and CS strains but not the Chinese strain (C-strain) vaccine against classical swine fever.  
Pathogenicity and genomic characterization of a pseudorabies virus variant isolated from Bartha-K61-vaccinated swine population in China.  
Honeysuckle-encoded atypical microRNA2911 directly targets influenza A viruses.  
An Avian Leukosis Virus Subgroup J Isolate with Rous Sarcoma Virus-like 5'-LTR shows enhanced replication capability.  
Development of antigen capture ELISA for the quantification of EIAV p26 protein.  
Characterization of a novel exported esterase Rv3036c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  
Phylogenetic analysis of a novel H6N6 avian influenza virus isolated from a green peafowl in China and its pathogenic potential in mice.  
The sequential tissue distribution of duck Tembusu virus in adult ducks.  
Passive protection against Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis infection from maternally derived antibodies of hens vaccinated with a ghost vaccine.  
Published Paper  
CAAS Scientist Wins the 2016 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards  
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