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National Engineering Research Center of Veterinary Biologics

National Engineering Research Center of Veterinary Biologics (NECVB), as a national research and development (R&D) enterprise,is approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The Center is supported by Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciencesand China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control, which have taken advantages of technology, talent and facility of veterinary biologics .Besides those shareholder, Harbin Weike Biotechnology Development Company, Beijing Zhonghai Biotech Co., Ltd., and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group are also own the share 
The center was founded in 2008, a high-tech enterprise with an independent legal entity. It can specializes the whole veterinary biologics industry, including the R&D, hatching, technology transfer, production, and marketing. NECVB build up two, one is academic cooperation, and the other is industry cooperation, which both focuses on independent development of veterinary biologics technology and hatching, technology transfer. The member of academic alliance are colleges, university, and institution. The leading enterprises of each province form the industry alliance. To be the core member of the two alliance. The NECVB will actively participate in and promote the industry's original technology innovation and integrated innovation, but also continue to explore and promote research management, technology transfer, personnel incentives and other aspects of system innovation.In 2012, NECVB passed the GMP workshop acceptance check by the Ministry of Agriculture of China and became the sole GMP production workshop among veterinary biological product enterprises for production and sales of diagnostic products.
As the sole state-level research center in the veterinary biological product industry, NECVB has established six technology platforms, including the veterinary vaccine R&D technology platform, veterinary disease diagnostic reagent R&D technology platform, veterinary biologics R&D technology platform, veterinary biological product industrialization technology platform, veterinary biological product inspection technology platform, and laboratory animal technical service platform. All the platform are open to the two alliance, which makes both the platform and two alliance continued rapid development of the commonwealth. The close cooperation of the two alliance make the NECVB become a leading domestic and advanced international base of new achievements of veterinary biological products and a radiation source of assembling complete sets of biological engineering technology; become an innovation base of the veterinary biological products, an incubation base and an exemplary production-proven base; and become a cooperative and entrepreneurship field and a distribution center for the R&D talents in veterinary biological product industry.
The NECVB will seize the opportunity, commit itself to pursuing the development concept "platform, marketization and internationalization", lead independent innovation and technology progress, and support the sustainable healthy development of animal husbandry, to become a new “Silicon Valley ”of veterinary biological product industry in China。

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