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Research Team
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Division of Porcine Immunosuppressive Diseases

This division carries out research on the immunosuppressive diseases of important porcine pathogens, pathogenic and infectious mechanism of emerging viruses, and early-warning technology of emerging infectious diseases. Studies are also conducted on the interaction between high pathogenic pathogen and its host with emphasis on the important porcine viral diseases, such as PRRS, PCV2, and Aujeszky’s diseases.

  Xuehui Cai, DVM, Professor

E-mail: caixuehui@caas.cn

Professional major:

For over 24 years Dr. Xue-Hui Cai has been working in field of infectious diseases and immunological research of porcine. Research questions address specifically aspects of local and systemic immunity following viral as well as bacterial infections. The following infectious agents are under current investigation: Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and Streptococcus suis. Research involved in the in vivo and in vitro studies including the infection and co-infection study of different pathogenic PRRSV. He currently focus on development of PRRSV vaccines and immunodiagnostic tests for PRRS, PRV, PCV2, and SS2.

Academic Education:

2008 – 2012: PhD (Molecular Epidemiology)Ji Lin University, China
1999 – 2003: MSc (Preventive Veterinary Medicine) North-East Agriculture University, China
1986 – 1990: BSc (Veterinary Public Health) North-East Agriculture University, China

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